Sunday, April 13, 2014

Summer travel, tortillas, & my longest run since the boys were born

We are still in Mexico, our time is winding down and we leave at the end of the week.  It's bittersweet. Being here for this long, together, has been a crazy awesome experience and one that I will never forget.  I get a lot of questions and some comment about how we are able to do the kind of summer travel we do over the summers.  We feel incredibly fortunate to be able to travel and spend so much time together over the summer, but it's not without sacrifice.  The academic year is a tough time for our family, especially this past year when we had Braxton and Caden's births and two newborns.  Brian still had to teach, coach, and travel.   However, we do that for what we are able to get in the summers and it's worth it to us.  We made the decision for Brian to take his paternity leave this semester instead of the last semester and, yes, it meant he wasn't home as much as we both would have liked after the boys were born.  But it also means we are able to go to Mexico for a month.  And then spend time with each of our families.  We have loved being here, but are also looking forward to having our feet on US soil.  

Our days here look differently than when we would travel just the two of us.  The boys keep us more house-bound than before we had them, but  they give us good smiles, it allows both of us to get good workouts in, and Brian can get some time to work.  Beyond our workouts, we try to get out once a day…normally to go get tacos and ice cream for a late lunch….and we try to get down to the beach to see the sunset.  There is a good sports bar in town where we got to watch some March Madness games and the Pacquiao-Bradley fight (Brian is a huge boxing fan…which means I am by default).  Fortunately our boys are really adaptable and two babies are always a ridiculously big hit here!  

The other thing about being in Mexico is that I have grown incredibly fond of tortillas.  And let me tell you, there is a notable difference between tortillas you buy at the grocery store and the kind you get in Mexico.  When I think about what I can do with tortillas, I feel like Forrest Gump when he talks about everything you can do with shrimp…breakfast tacos, lunch tacos, dinner tacos, dessert tacos (they sell Nutella in Mexico!), egg scramble tacos, chicken tacos, shrimp tacos, fruit tacos, cheesy tacos…..tortillas pre-run….tortillas post-run….snack tortillas….you get the idea.  If I'm hungry, I just get a tortilla :-D 

This is what our nights looks like.  We put the boys to bed and sit on our porch with this view and the ocean in the background.  Yes, it will be missed.

The great thing about being here with Brian is that it has been easy for me to build my mileage back up again because we take turns and he can watch them when I run.   I like to *try* to get out early before the boys wake up and get my run in during the sunrise.  I love being out running at that time and it's so much easier because otherwise neither of us get out before about 9:00 and then we are both running in the heat.

I've had a total of 32 miles for each of the past 2 weeks.  I'm happy with that, although I still want to get my weekly mileage a little higher before I start working on speed work.  I wanted to do 14 on Saturday.  Before leaving for my run, I briefly wondered when the last time I did 14 or more was.  I looked it up….on August 25th I did 16.  Two days before Braxton was born!  My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw the date and then I briefly wondered if it was correct…did I really go out and do a 16 mile run two days before Braxton was born?  Yes, because I wasn't carrying him and he came 2 weeks early and we had NO idea he was about to be born.  Then it brought back all the emotion of finding out his birthmom was going into labor and packing in a flash and getting on the first flight we could…amazing memories.

Back to my long run.  I did 14 miles in the sun, heat, sand, and trails.  It was...H.A.R.D.  Additionally, I made such a rookie mistake and completely fouled up my water and fuel situation.  Long story short, I ran out of water by 6 miles and had no fuel with me. I know, I know.  I actually came back home at 13.5 (no, I could not go .25 further and turn around to get 14) and sat down and gulped some water.  Then I managed to go back out and get the last half mile to make it 14….with Brian's *gentle* encouragement.  I ended up running 14.01 and was so mad about that extra .01.  I could've stopped sooner!  Anyway, I got it done and then got a 6 mile run done on Sunday morning, even though my legs felt like toast.  Good training for Ragnar :-D

The 6 miler felt great….after a gentle warm-up that was low and slow. Every mile for the first 4 was about 10 seconds faster, then I evened out for the last 2 miles.

When was the last time you misjudged your water/fuel on a long run?

What are your favorite fillings for a tortilla?

What sacrifices do you/your family make for things that are important to you?

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  1. It is really a wonderful gift to have this time together as a family. Great job with your run!!!

  2. Ragnar training for sure!! Great job!! I have been offered several jobs over the past few years that would have put us in a very comfortable position financially but it would take away my summers with my girls....I have turned them all down. The job will always be there but having that time with my girls and time to connect with them is priceless!!

  3. it sounds like heaven :)

    all that sandy, slower running will serve you VERY well at BSR!

  4. Oh this post is really interesting to read..Your baby is seriously so cute or congrats to both of you for this lovely vacation or for this special member..